Co-location data centers Germany, Canada and France

Capacity and Redundancy

At Infobiz Cloud Co-location Data Center infrastructure boasts an impressive capacity of 360,000 servers. To ensure uninterrupted operations, we have implemented a robust electrical redundancy system. This includes three separate power supplies, all equipped with the latest generation hardware, complemented by backup generators capable of sustaining operations for 48 hours in the event of power supply disruptions.

Network and Connectivity

Our co-location data center is engineered for resilience, with connections to two separate power supplies and two dedicated network rooms. As part of the extensive Infobiz Cloud Co-location Data Center network, our facility is strategically positioned at the core of the 13 North American points of presence, ensuring exceptional connectivity and low-latency network access. To fortify our network security, we have integrated a formidable 160 Gbps anti-DDoS infrastructure on-site.

Building and Environmental Considerations

At Infobiz Cloud Co-location Data Centers, we prioritize energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our facility is thoughtfully designed to optimize ventilation, contributing to a low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of just 1.09. Moreover, we have implemented an innovative server water cooling system that not only enhances the sustainability of our operations but also ensures the ideal operating conditions for your hosted equipment.

In summary, our infrastructure at Infobiz Cloud Co-location Data Centers is characterized by its extensive capacity, robust redundancy measures, cutting-edge network connectivity, and a strong commitment to environmentally conscious practices. We aim to provide our clients with a reliable and sustainable co-location environment that aligns with their performance and environmental objectives.