additional ip

Enhance the adaptability of your applications with the remarkable feature of Additional IP from Infobiz Cloud. While our products come equipped with a pre-configured static IPv4 address, we understand the importance of unparalleled flexibility in meeting diverse needs.

Enter Additional IP, formerly known as Failover IP, a dynamic solution that allows you to seamlessly assign and migrate IP addresses between services. What sets this feature apart is its availability in two distinct formats: the Individual address (/32) and the IP address block (up to /24). This not only provides the versatility to fine-tune your network configurations on a granular level but also empowers you with the capability to manage and distribute IP resources according to your specific requirements.

With Additional IP, you are in control, optimizing your infrastructure for optimal performance and adaptability.

Important Highlights

Seamless Switching:

Experience swift failover capacities with Additional IP, enabling a seamless transition between services within seconds while maintaining the entire configuration linked to the IP address. This ensures an uninterrupted hosting solution, allowing you to effortlessly navigate infrastructure challenges such as hardware failures or system overruns.

Always On Availability: Incorporate Additional IP for an “Always On” availability solution. This feature ensures continuity by eliminating interruptions or downtime, especially in scenarios where servers are overrun. With Additional IP, you gain the resilience needed to keep your services consistently available, providing a robust and reliable hosting experience.

Versatile Configurations

Empower your services with IP blocks, allowing the configuration of multiple IP addresses to cater to your specific needs. Assign IPs in groups of 4, 8, 16, or up to 256 per server, and enjoy the flexibility of unlimited block publications. This simplifies upgrades by enabling the rerouting of IPs to new hardware, eliminating the need for reconfiguring static IPs and streamlining the overall process.

Efficient Management: Enhance your platform management efficiency by grouping multiple IPs into blocks. This approach facilitates seamless upgrades and migrations from one service to another. With IP blocks, managing your infrastructure becomes a smooth and flexible process, providing the agility required to adapt to changing requirements effortlessly.

Global Expansion

Utilize our IP announcement service to broaden the reach of your project on a global scale by integrating additional geolocated IPs. Choose from 14 available destinations to strategically position your IPs. This expansion not only enhances the accessibility of your project but also contributes significantly to boosting your webpage’s SEO status, leading to improved rankings on popular search engines.

Strategic Geolocation: Optimize your project’s visibility and SEO impact with strategic IP geolocation. By linking geolocated IPs from 14 destinations through our announcement service, you position your project for success in the global digital landscape. Elevate your webpage’s SEO status and enhance its discoverability on search engines, ensuring a broader and more impactful online presence.