Fiber Network with High Speed Bandwidth

Global Fiber Optic Network

Infobiz Cloud Data Center’s infrastructure benefits from a robust and extensive global fiber optic network. Our commitment to providing world-class services extends beyond servers and data centers to encompass the very foundation of network connectivity. With a global presence, we have established ourselves as a leader in the hosting industry, and our expertise in network infrastructure exemplifies this dedication.

Key Features of Infobiz Cloud Data Center’s Global Fiber Optic Network:

  1. In-House Expertise: Infobiz Cloud co-location Data Center stands out not only for offering hosting services but also for taking charge of critical components like servers, racks, and data centers in-house. This approach allows us to maintain end-to-end control over all aspects of our operations.

  2. Global Fiber Optics: We have invested extensively in developing our own global fiber optic network. This strategic initiative enables us to ensure the highest levels of reliability, performance, and security in our network infrastructure. By owning and managing our fiber optics on a global scale, we offer our customers guaranteed bandwidth on select server ranges.

Global Network Capacity

Our commitment to providing superior network capabilities is evident through our impressive global network capacity, which currently stands at 15 Terabits per second (Tbps). By deploying our global fiber optic infrastructure and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like active DWDM devices and 100 G coherent technology, we have created a network environment that delivers ample bandwidth and low-latency connections for our customers.

Double Expertise in High-Level Routing Infrastructure

At the core of our co-location data centers routing infrastructure, you will find a foundation built on Cisco devices. This choice is a result of a strong technical partnership between Cisco and Infobiz Cloud Co-location Data Center. By combining the expertise of both companies, we have established a routing infrastructure that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Redundancy and Maximum Security

Redundancy and security are paramount in our routing infrastructure. At every routing point, all links are at least duplicated. This means that each of your So you Start machines is physically connected through a minimum of two Cisco routers, each equipped with two routing cards. This double redundancy ensures the reliability of your connections and minimizes the risk of disruptions.

In addition to double redundancy for fiber optic links, we also employ triversity (triple redundancy) where necessary to further enhance the resilience and availability of our network.

In conclusion, Infobiz Cloud co-location Data Center’s global fiber optic network and routing infrastructure represent a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering top-tier hosting services. By leveraging our in-house expertise, extensive global network capacity, and partnership with Cisco, we provide our customers with a network environment characterized by reliability, performance, and security. Our dedication to redundancy and maximum security ensures that your services remain uninterrupted and your data stays secure, making us the ideal choice for businesses seeking a dependable hosting partner.