Server Features

DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

Fortify your Linux server with robust DDoS protection features.

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Operating System Distribution

OS Distribution

Versatile OS options, including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and more.

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Boost flexibility with Additional IP for dynamic server solutions.

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100-250 MBPS bandwidth

upto 250 MBPS Bandwidth

Reliable 100-250Mbps bandwidth, powered by a global fibre network.

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DTD-SATA-16Intel Xeon E3 4c/4t - 3.2 GHz16 GB DDR33 x 2 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID100 MBPS₹3500/m🇨🇦 CanadaOrder Now
DTD-SSD-32Intel Xeon D1520 4c / 8t 2.2GHz32 GB DDR3SoftRAID 2x480 GB SSD250 MBPS₹4500/m🇺🇸 USAOrder Now
DTD-1-SATA-32Intel Xeon D1520 4c / 8t 2.2GHz32 GB DDR3SoftRAID 4x2TB SATA250 MBPS₹ 5500/mo🇺🇸 USAOrder Now
DTD-2-SATA-32Intel Xeon D1540 8c / 16t 2GHz32 GB DDR3SoftRAID 4x2TB SATA250 MBPS₹ 6500/mo🇺🇸 USAOrder Now
DTD-1-SATA-64Intel Xeon D1540 8c / 16t 2GHz64 GB DDR3SoftRAID 4x2TB SATA250 MBPS₹ 7000/mo🇺🇸 USAOrder Now

Frequently Asked Questions

The installation fee is a one-time cost. It is only applicable during the initial setup of your server in our co-location datacentres. Once paid, you won't be charged for installation again unless you choose to add or modify services in the future.

Infobiz Cloud recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding our customers' businesses against DDoS attacks. By including anti-DDoS protection as a standard feature, we aim to provide comprehensive security to all our clients without it being an additional, optional cost.

Infobiz Cloud ensures that, from the initiation of your hosting service subscription and throughout its duration, your servers will receive 24/7 hardware maintenance. This includes the automatic replacement of faulty components for the entire lifetime of your hosting service, and it comes at no additional cost.

While Infobiz Cloud offers Additional IP service at an additional cost of 4 USD per IP per month.We believe in offering a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for our customers.

No, at Infobiz Cloud, the product offers come with predefined configurations, and it is not possible to upgrade individual hardware components on an existing server. If you require a different hardware configuration, the recommended solution would be to purchase a new server with the desired specifications.