Enterprise Email Hosting Features

30GB Email Storage

30GB Space

30GB, Custom IDs, Sync for Enterprise Email Hosting.

Email Storage Oasis

Storage Oasis

25GB email + 5GB file storage—secure, reliable, and abundant.

Email Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Safeguards

Secure Your Business Email from Online Threats with Confidence.

Email Hosting with Calendar

Sync Calendar

Efficiently plan work with powerful, synchronized calendars for seamless collaboration.

360 Email Synchronization

360° Synchronization

Synchronize Emails Effortlessly with POP3/IMAP Magic.



Transform Communication with Automated Email Responses.

30GB Email Hosting

Starting At

30 GB space per account
Sleek Webmail
Mobile Sync
Signature Designer
Anti-virus Protection
Advanced Calendar & more

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate your business's professional image by integrating your email ID with your company's domain (e.g., xvz@mycompany.com) through Enterprise Email Hosting. Our state-of-the-art email hosting servers ensure unparalleled uptime, minimal latency, and maximum reliability. Embrace the Cloud advantage—no concerns about IT, hardware, or software maintenance, and seamlessly scale by adding email accounts as your business expands.

Enterprise Email boasts compatibility with a range of email clients and protocols, including POP, IMAP, and MAPI. This ensures seamless integration and efficient communication across diverse platforms, providing you with flexibility and accessibility.

Unlock the power of Enterprise Email's Webmail interface using the branded URL: http://webmail.yourdomainname.com. Simply log in with your email address and password on the dedicated login page for secure and convenient access to your email account.

Enjoy seamless email access on any device—smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Our Webmail, built on HTML 5 & Javascript, ensures compatibility across major operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, providing a flexible and responsive experience tailored to your device of choice.

Indulge in abundant storage! Each email account is generously allocated 30 GB of dedicated space for emails and attachments. Experience the freedom to store and manage your communications without constraints.

SPAM is unacceptable. Unsolicited / bulk emails and spam are not permitted. "Safe lists," purchased lists, and the sale of lists will all be considered spam. We reserve the right to terminate accounts identified as'spammers' at any time.

For the Outgoing Mail Server/SMTP Service, use Port 25. In cases where your ISP blocks Port 25, ensuring uninterrupted SMTP services, switch to Port 587 for seamless email transmission. We prioritize accessibility to guarantee smooth communication regardless of your network constraints.